American Comb Corp. manufactures a large variety of quality items in the U.S.A., including combs, travel accessories, and plastic houseware products

Our combs range in size, material, function, and industry use. Categories include lice combs,

pocket combs, dresser combs, pick combs, 7″; all purpose combs, styler combs, rattail combs, barber combs, beauty & barber combs,
side combs, volumizing combs and brushes! Combs can be purchased in bulk pack, with or without inner packs, and in assorted comb sets ideal for the retail trade. The three most common materials used for combs are polypropylene, styrene and ABS. Polypropylene is a flexible material that is unbreakable; styrene is a more rigid material and can be molded in transparent colors; and ABS is a premium material that has a combination of strength and rigidity.

We offer travel accessories such as 5-ounce and 7-ounce soap boxes, 2 piece toothbrush holders, toothbrush caps, and shoehorns. They can be purchased in bulk or individually bagged. We also offer bagged sets combining the above items with combs, razors, brushes, and bottles. Kits are also available.[click here].

Our patented lice combs have been laboratory tested to be 100% effective in the removal of lice and their eggs. They are widely used and we offer a variety of lice removal combs for your use. [click here]

Bath Matters, our line of domestically produced bathroom accessories, provides everything needed to accent your bathroom in style. Wastebaskets, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, trays and tumblers (they are dishwasher safe) can be purchased individually, or as various combination sets. They are available in a variety of contemporary colors. [click here].