American Comb and its employees care about the future and our world.  We engage in green packaging and manufacturing efforts to help lower our waste footprint.  We also work with our customers who want and need to align with established sustainability plans so that their products and packaging solutions are designed to be sustainable and recyclable.

Our manufacturing facility uses advanced power saving initiatives which help keep our molding machines operating with the least amount of power required.  Our factory is also equipped with high-efficeincy florescent lighting which also helps keep our power consumption down.

American Comb ensures that our waste paperboard and corrugated carton stock is recycled as well as any scrap plastic created during the manufacturing process.  We also ensure that our packaging contains the least amount of waste possible.  We use recycled materials wherever and whenever possible.  Almost 40% of our products are manufactured using pre-consumer recycled plastic resin.  Our EnviroCare product line was created as a direct response to this growing mindset.  Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastics, our BioFlora combs are made with a non-petroleum based resin derived from the wood pulp of softwood trees.  These trees are harvested and regrown specifically for this purpose. This type of thinking has kept American Comb ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability in plastics manufacturing.